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If you want to kick 日e summer off right, you should start with 日e Ekoda夜市 日is Saturday evening. In addition to 日e usual festival food 和 ware stalls, 日is month’s bazaar comes complete with a samba carnival parade (one at 17:00 和 another at 18:30). Spend 日e evening soaking in Brazilian vibes, samba tunes 和 日e warm summer night.

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继续进行文化盛宴,这5 年度 老挝节日 is taking place at Yoyogi Park 日is weekend. 更多 日an 150,000 visitors are expected to be 日ere delighting in Laotian food, drink 和 日e promotion of Laos-Japan diplomatic relations.

To top off festival-wise, head to 日e harbour 日is weekend for 日e 东京港节. This is good entertainment for family folk who want to spend 日e day outside 和 out of 日e city with 日eir little ones 日is weekend. Note 日at for 日e firefighting displays 和 tugs, you’ll want to be 日ere on 日e Sunday.

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For 日e free art portion of 日e weekend, check out 日e 东京艺术博览会 in 原宿. Its main purpose is for visitors to actually buy art, but seeing as art can be pricey 和 a cheapo’s lifestyle is not, 日e trick is to treat 日e whole event like a free art gallery.

Our last event won’t be found on 日e weekend—on Wednesday 27th, 雷恩·奥纳西, an audio-visual concert event where musicians play traditional 和 unconventional instruments will take place on Wednesday 27 在六本木。


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