Solo travel can be daunting, especially if 您’再女性。从风险,到没有人可以分享经验,到害怕看起来像一个失败者—所有这些都是有效的担忧。但是仍然没有理由错过惊人的体验。

毫不费力地“you’ll grow” 和 “see 您r inner strength,”等等,独自旅行可能是认识到的好方法:1) actually, 您’re super capable 和 2) while other people are great, 您 can have adventures on 您r own too (without having to compromise 和 merge mismatched interests). So, if 您’热衷于独自冒险,日本是一个很好的起点’s already a pretty solo world. Thanks to hectic work schedules 和 small families, doing things by 您rself is often the norm, to the point where things are often designed to accommodate singles over groups. 标准柜台座位的所有物品 to capsule hotels mean it’超级容易,而且不那么尴尬。女性的身份确实带来了一系列不同的实际问题和顾虑,因此这里’s a rundown of the stuff 您 might be worried about 和 how not to be!


If 您’re not used to 存在on 您r own 和 feel like 您’ll stick out like a sore thumb, here are some popular things to do in 日本 which are 不要e alone anyway! You can ease 您r way in, 和 develop the confidence to do the more 社会的 stuff later!

吃out: 拉面 特别。完全正常的一个人在这里做。如前所述’这种情况非常普遍,以柜台座位为常态,尤其是在小餐馆里。它’实际上坐起来容易得多,而且无需判断!

放松的:温泉。由于按性别划分,即使夫妻在一起 they split up, so 您 won’感觉不合适。他们’还有关于放松的所有内容,因此大多数人保持安静,无论如何都要保持自己。

美术馆,博物馆,歌舞uki表演: 接受文化,享受安静而传统上孤立的活动,需要沉默,理想情况下是观众!看我们的 博物馆和美术馆指南 和我们的帖子 歌舞uki门票.

日本电影院: 打折机票,爆米花和戏剧—谁甚至需要其他人?

睡眠:住在胶囊旅馆—literally couldn’t have another person if 您 tried, so they’充满了单身旅行者—您会在小组中更加突出! (有关更多住宿信息,请参见下文。)


Solo travel gets lonely sometimes, 和 那里 are certainly enough people around, but how do 您 meet them? If 您’re not one of those amazing 社会的-butterfly-I-have-8000-friends people, or if 您’ve spent so long talking to 您rself 您’ve forgotten 如何 talk to other people, 那里 are some easy ways to find others who want to do similar things to 您.

内部收益率 旅馆 如前所述,非常出色,但另一个选择是参加团体旅游—either 步行者 或工厂/酒厂 等等

在以太方面,我发现 火种和opting to see both girls 和 guys is great if 您’不热衷于团体。我经常看到像“想爬富士山– anyone else want to join?” etc. (and no, I’我不是一个白痴,我知道有些人’t 存在honest, but some are). 的re is also a new “social” feature to see people who are going out that day/night, so 您 can swipe if 您 want to join!  显然,一般规则适用—don’t go meeting in dark places alone, etc. 和 get proof of who 您’重新开会(应检查Facebook帐户,cat鱼风格)。

If 您 want more of a group option or a particular activity, 见面会 在这里非常受欢迎,涵盖了从 早晨在代代木公园跑步 to 素食晚餐 to 酒吧爬网—all of which attract a variety of locals, travelers 和 wanderers. This is definitely the best way to meet a variety of people in a safer setting, 和 那里’绝对是一群人。 有预定的兴趣’s certainly a lot easier to start a conversation than trying to rustle up a witty opener about the 27th cup ramen 您’ve just eaten.

语言交流 团体很受欢迎 但可能只是 盖金-hunters to hit on 国外ers. If 您’re not looking for that, 那里 are some female-only ones like 东京的这个. What better than to brush up on 您r 日本ese 和 meet people?

偷偷大喊到我们自己的东京 市区饮品, held once a month in our favorite 东京 venues! We have a great mix of our team, readers 和 friends, 所以’这是结识朋友的好方法—and 您 are officially invited, 所以 can’别尴尬!查看我们的Twitter / Facebook /事件页面,了解我们的下一个页面。


So, 日本 is safe right? 您’ve一遍又一遍地听到了这一点。尽管与许多地方相比绝对安全,但它’这不是一个无魔幻的仙境。

摄影者 维克多·李 用于 抄送

While 您 might be able to leave 您r phone as a seat holder in Starbucks, the levels of creeper crimes (as I like to call them) are high, 和 not to be taken lightly. 的re’s a reason 您 can’t关闭没有应用程序的相机上的快门音,以及为什么有那些女性专用的马车—so keep 您r wits about 您. Watch out for the gropers, stalkers, up-skirt photographers 和 flashers. While being “foreign” means 您 might be avoided by most creepers (as 国外 girls are considered more likely to make a scene than schoolgirls), sometimes it will make 您 a target. Don’t go arming 您rself with an AK47 和 pepper spray just yet, but 不要’t forget the rules 您’我已经根深蒂固了多年。

甲班 (police box) is 您r best bet for getting help for most things. 您 can ask for help if 您’re 存在followed, report lost or stolen items, ask to use the phone, get directions 和 much more (they’ll even lend up to 1,000 yen to get home if 您’重新陷入困境。


  • Rent portable wifi if 您 can—it reduces 您r reliance on the not-so-common wifi spots 和 means 您 can always look up trains, maps 和 information when needed. Do 您r googling in well lit areas, ideally inside.
  • ALWAYS have cash on 您. Cards are not widely accepted in businesses 和 only some ATMs accept 国外 cards. 日本 is a cash-based society 和 存在stranded without money is not a good place to be. Pick-pocketing isn’t really a thing here, so 不要’t worry about having money on 您, it’s very, very normal.
  • 可以在以下位置购买个人警报器 唐吉jo德.
  • Know 您r route to 您r hostel ahead of time, especially if arriving late, 和 screen shot maps, however easy it seems.
  • 繁忙的火车,一天中的任何时候都是主要的摸索时间—especially late at night. If 那里’一只流浪的手,抓住它并大喊“CHIKAN” at the top of 您r voice, 和 hold on. Train guards will be called.
  • To report that someone tried to molest 您 or anything similar say “Chikan ni aimashita”.
  • If 您 think 您’re 存在followed at any point, go into the nearest 甲班 (police box) or convenience store—don’t hope they’只要走开,他们就会变得非常执着。
  • If 您 have lost 您r wallet/passport, etc., go to a 甲班 和 say: “(passport) o otoshite shimaimashita。” 如果它被偷了,说“(passport) o nusumare mashita.”
  • 紧急情况请致电110。 “Tasukete kudasai” means “Please help me.”
  • 9110 is a number set up if 您 need to speak to someone about other crimes such as stalking or domestic abuse—it’s called a consultation line 和 您 can say “Stoker no soudan ga arimasu” (“这是关于缠扰者的咨询。”)


So not even a once-in-a-lifetime trip gives 您 a break from periods, 和 您 不要’t want to spend 您r trip traipsing round a pharmacy looking for 卫生棉条.

摄影者 蒂莫西·竹本 用于 抄送

护垫 are easy to find, (aisles 和 aisles worth) but knowing which to get can be more challenging. One of the most popular brands is Whisper, which is Always. 您 can buy all the types 您 need, wings, no-wings, with guards, light, wide, slim—and some shops even have examples lined up so 您 can be sure! Here are some key words 您 might want to look out for:

軽い日用 – light day          ふつう用 – regular day           多い日用 – heavy day           長時間 – long lasting

夜用 – night use       熟睡 / ぐっすり – sound sleep        吸収 – Super absorption       吸収力 – absorption strength

ライナー – liner             ガード – guard           羽つき – wing           羽なし – no wing           スリム – slim

卫生棉条 可用,但非常有限。他们’实际上,实际上只有一家公司(Charm)制造,而且大多数都有塑料涂药器。人们认为质量会降低一些,而且价格会更高一些,但是通常它们’很好。以下是一些要注意的关键词:

タンポン – tampon           ライト – light                 レギュラー – regular                    スーパー – super

スーパープラス – super plus                              ソフト – soft                            コンパクト – compact

If 您r traveling hasn’太独奏了 you might find 您rself in need of the 计划B /丸后早晨 (but please, please use condoms here, 那里 is a ridiculously high rate of STIs thanks to a lack of sexual health classes 和 general denial/adultery). 的se are available but are expensive (also not covered by the health insurance, so even if 您 live here, still very pricey) ranging from 3,000 to 20,000 yen depending on which type 您 get (Planovar or NorLevo respectively, Ella is also available). If 您’re in 东京, 这是一家诊所 提供药丸和 这个网站 有一个很好的页面解释了日本计划生育协会’的网站列出了日本所有可用的服务。

緊急避妊法 –紧急避孕药    モーニングアフターピル – Morning after pill       アフターピル – After pill

验孕 are easy to find at pharmacies on the regular shelves 和 您 might even recognize some familiar brands, so that’s easy!


Being a girl has its perks, 和 that includes getting into clubs waaaay cheaper than guys in 日本, 和 usually with some drinks tickets as well. While big clubs range from about 2,000 to 5,000 yen, most offer reduced prices or free entry for girls, especially with early entry. And some clubs have regular nights (like AgeHa below), but most vary their ladies nights so check up on websites before 您 go.

摄影者 阿贺

le is my top recommendation for girls in 东京. With a classier tone 和 a dress code, this place has way more 日本ese customers, 和 fewer drunk, rowdy 国外ers. Lesser known 和 featuring great djs, it’s generally just much nicer. If 您 want a night of proper dancing 和 entirely golden bathrooms, this is for 您, 和 best of all, ladies are always free!

AgeHa 是东京’最大的俱乐部,拥有多个区域,一个游泳池和一个餐饮区, so it’s great when 您 need to avoid people. 的 first Friday of every month is Girls Night where entry is free, but 您 have to pay 500 yen for a drink ticket usually. Best of all 那里’一个免费的女孩专用区,上面有美发师,闪光的纹身和各种各样的东西,全部免费!是的,定型女孩的东西, but having 您r hair 不要e for free is great after weeks in 旅馆. Although this night obviously attracts a lot of guys, it’s easy enough to avoid people 和 staff are rollerskating around if 您 really need help.

俱乐部 大王公 六本木是一种预先喝酒和结识人们的好方法’s an international 能美台 (all 您 can drink) 和 completely free for girls if 您 register beforehand online. However, prepare to be surrounded by guys—there’s everything from creepers, to future-mates to people making us watch 24-minute wrestling videos (which turned out to not even be them!), 所以’混合袋。我建议在弹幕开始之前和一些女孩配对。


您’re 国外, 和 in 日本—even now—that means 您 stick out. Not so much in 新宿区 和 六本木 maybe, but stray further out 和 您 will be stared at hard. 东京 is far better than most places, 和 having lived 那里 和 in an extremely rural area of 日本, I can vouch for the difference. It’虽然没有完全消失; I had my worst random experience in a 东京 post office as an old woman lectured me for 存在a slut, all at 2pm while wearing jeans 和 a t-shirt…so it’不能完全摆脱困境。

凝视:首先,确定是否’爬行者凝视或好奇地凝视。尽管后者仍然很不礼貌(尤其是在整个20分钟的火车行程中)’这里不是这样 and 您’我会注意到女孩也凝视着很多(“look at that nose!” is actually usually a compliment, if 您 hear it, by the way). However, if 您 feel uncomfortable or think they’re creeping 您 can stare them out with an increasingly ‘what are 您 looking at’表达式,通常有效。如果没有’t, 和 they’re really getting to 您, I tend to take out my phone 和 quite obviously look like I’我给他们拍照—this usually ends it. (Avoid if they look aggressive/unstable though obviously). 的 moving or ignoring options are also cool, 您 just might get sick of it, that’s all.

  • 伙计们在火车上公开阅读色情片是’t unusual, 和 they 不要’t care. Just so 您 know.
  • When 您 get off the train after 存在stared at, make sure 您 aren’t followed. If 您 are, head straight to the ticket office or nearest shop/convenience store (helpful phrases above).
  • Wearing low-cut tops 和 having 您r shoulders out will garner more stares than legs, (which seem totally acceptable) 所以’s up to 您 if 您 want to cover up. (Welcome to the eternal battle of I-shouldn’t-have-to-but…)

Basically, 您 will be stared at, 和 people might hassle 您 more, approach 您, etc. 您 can change the way 您 dress, but nothing is more effective than a hard-ass 不要’与我在一起时的表情和自信的步伐。创造奇迹。


So staying in 旅馆 is a great way to meet people, but 您 might not fancy sharing a room with a visiting rugby team (but then again…) Along with avoiding snoring, some people are just more comfortable in separate dorm rooms, 和 it can be a great way to meet girls in similar travel situations to 您.


决定独自旅行不会’t mean condemning 您rself to  a solitary experience, 和 having a chat with someone in the same position can be a great way to find out the tips 和 tricks 您 might have missed. Luckily, it’现在,宿舍里只有女孩子的宿舍变得很正常,有时甚至只有女人的宿舍,例如 Koenji的葡萄屋,甚至还免费提供早晨瑜伽课!传统上,胶囊旅馆是男性专用区域,但是现在越来越多的地区提供女性专用楼层,例如Note,大多数胶囊旅馆都是男性专用的区域, 但是女性专用楼层/酒店的数量正在增加。尝试 胶囊旅馆, 要么 浅草河畔胶囊酒店.


摄影者 露露 用于 抄送

您 might have heard of the women-only carriages on busy trains, 和 they are actually great since less groping (yay) 和 more space in general. 更多 usefully though, are similar ideas on long-haul transport like night buses. 的y now offer women-only sections or entire buses, so 您 不要’不必担心手在夜晚徘徊或变得更糟。 Kosoku巴士 是这样的提供者之一—just pick 您r preferences from the advanced options list.

像在任何地方一样,独自游历于日本的女孩有其优点和缺点。’s own take on things. Take the plunge, grab 您r phrasebook 和 book 您r flights—it will be worth it.

And for extra prep before 您 go, read our 9种东京旅行灾难指南以及如何处理.


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